Therapeutic Medical Massage Program

This is an advanced program that will qualify the student to apply specialized techniques for "treatment specific" massage therapy methods. This training will increase the student's qualifications for working in a medical setting. 

Prerequisites: completion of the  foundational Therapeutic Massage Program

Course Content

Regional Medical Massage


These courses (which cover all 4 major  body regions) are designed to train students to define a logical, structured approach to assessment, treatment, and development of an appropriate plan for regional structural dysfunction in the body. The student will learn musculoskeletal anatomy, kinesiology, function assessment skills, application of various massage therapy techniques and clinical protocols, and the use of appropriate therapeutic modalities. 



This course integrates the study of physiology and pathology. Students will gain an understanding of the effects of massage therapy on diseases affecting multiple body systems.

Professional Business


This course introduces the student to medical office practices, medical documentation and billing procedures, various medical imaging, surgery and associated reports, ethical dilemmas, communication skills, marketing, accounting, industry computer software, personal stress management, and goal setting.

Clinical Research


Clinical Research in Therapeutic Massage plays an important role in the development of massage therapy principles and practices. This course introduces the student to research that pertains to the field of massage therapy. Upon completion of this course, students will have the ability to read, understand, and analyze research studies as well as have a basic understanding of considerations for conducting their own research studies. 

Combined Techniques


 This course emphasizes fascial/connective tissue and its role in supporting the body's structure. Various techniques will be learned to release restrictions within the fascial system to improve posture and balance.

Advanced Practicum


This clinical education component allows students to properly assess and work with a wide variety of medical conditions on the general public in a safe and supportive learning environment. At the end of this course, the students will be fully prepared for the UTMI Medical Massage Certification Examination.