Therapeutic Massage Program at UTMI: Albuquerque's Massage School for 25yrs

Our Therapeutic Massage Program encompasses 722 hours of practical education. These hours include 150 hours of supervised Clinical Practicum Internship allowing the students to develop their newly acquired skills by working with the general public.  Our students graduate with a thorough knowledge, understanding, and solid training in many highly sought-after therapeutic modalities. 

Course Content

Swedish Massage


The student learns to safely, effectively, and ethically apply basic Swedish Massage techniques. This type of massage is widely popular and utilizes techniques designed to relax the muscles. This technique provides a wide array of therapeutic benefits to include stress reduction, pain management,  and improved circulation.



This class introduces the student to techniques based on Ingham and Zone Theory methods of Reflexology. This modality is based on the theory that various parts of the body, such as the hands and feet, are linked with specific glands, organs, and muscles. Activating these links may relieve tension and improve blood circulation to certain areas of the body.

Myofascial Release


This class emphasizes release of fascial/connective tissue in relation to its role in supporting the body's structure. The release of restrictions within the fascial system can improve the body's balance and posture.

Trigger Point Therapy


A more specific application of massage skills that help the student locate and release trigger points in muscles and related tissues. These techniques help develop the ability to use the body's physiological responses to specific pressure and breathing to help relieve the chronic knots that many people carry in their neck, shoulders, and other areas due to ongoing stress and/or trauma.



Students learn how to enhance massage therapy sessions with hot and cold applications of water. The effective therapeutic uses of hot towels, ice packs, and hot and cold footbaths are taught. We also teach popular spa treatments such as salt glows, hot stones, and paraffin dips. 

Kinesiology & Sports Massage


This course incorporates new techniques that are geared specifically toward athletes but also address common discomforts as well including those related to repetitive stress. It also includes pre-event, inter-event, and post-event techniques to support athletic performance. Massage techniques learned in this course also help to enhance recovery from a wide range of injuries.

Chinese Medicine


This part of our program is designed to give the student a fundamental understanding of the Eastern approach to medicine. The basics of the five-element theory and meridians techniques are presented.



Namekoshl Shiatsu is of Japenese origin and involves the therapist exerting pressure on specific tsubo points on the body. These points are located along the lines of the nervous system in the human body. A protocol that can be used on the entire body will be taught. This technique is effective on both a fully clothed or professionally draped body.

Craniosacral Techniques


The craniosacral system is a semi-closed hydraulic system and is functionally related to the central nervous system, the neuromuscular system, and the endocrine system. Students will learn specialized techniques to release fascial restricitons that can adversely affect the system. Finely tuned palpation skills allow the student to begin the process of assessing restrictions and restoring balance. 



This class provides the fundamentals of nutrition for self-care. Students will learn the foundations of achieving optimal wellbeing for a long, fulfilling career. 

Anatomy & Physiology


The study of the structure, function, and relationship of the major anatomical and physiological systems of the human body. This course includes the study of the various systems that are relevant to the massage practitioner for safe applications of Massage Therapy.



This course is a study of various diseases and conditions  for which massage therapy may be indicated or contraindicated. The student will learn how to safely proceed in providing proper care for each client.

Business & Ethics


Our Business course is designed to give students a complete overview of doing business in the Massage Therapy industry. Students will leave this course with the business tools necessary to begin a lucrative career in this high-demand industry. The Ethics portion of this class teaches industry standard professional conduct guidelines as regulated by governing bodies.

Senior Review


This part of our program serves as a general review and offers preparation skills for taking the national Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx) required for licensing in the state of New Mexico.



This portion of the massage school program offers students practical experience in a clinical setting. Once a student has progressed to this portion of the program they are fully prepared to utilize their newly acquired skills in offering Therapeutic Massage for the general public. All student massages are provided under the supervision of a Licensed Massage Therapy Instructor. This work is to better prepare you for a thriving career in massage.

First Aid & CPR


This certification is required for licensing by the New Mexico Massage Therapy Board and is part of our curriculum. Students will learn essential skills in this First Aid and CPR training. UTMI's massage school serves the greater Albuquerque area.